The Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is the number one way to regain the energy, muscle mass, and health you had in "younger days". This protein-based hormone is essential for good health and a long life. Problems arise when the amount of HGH in our bodies decreases due to age or hormonal imbalance. Some of the key benefits of HGH are... 


  All day energy boost

  Increase muscle mass

  Anti-aging properties

  Strengthen bones

   Improve metabolism & reduce body fat


A study was conducted where men with decreasing HGH levels (due to age) were injected with the hormone for six months. At the end of the six months, the results were shocking! The men, ages 60 - 81, all showed an increase of lean muscle mass, energy, and organ health. The medical world has since learned even more of the positive effects that HGH has on the human body. The benefits aren't limited to the elderly looking to regain lost hormone levels - athletes and bodybuilders can also experience the rejuvenating power of the Human Growth Hormone. 

So, what is HGH?

HGH, also known as Somatotropin, is a hormone produced within the brain naturally. Present through out the entire body, HGH has major connections with many internal functions and other hormones. What we know as the "aging process" is what science calls the "HGH decline". As we age, our natural production of HGH begins to diminish - with effects that are very noticable as the years go on. 

Maintaining healthy levels of HGH is vital. High HGH levels attribute to boosting muscle mass, strengthening inner organs, cardiovascular health, improving memory, getting good sleep, eliminating wrinkles, improving HDL/LDL levels, enhancing sexual function, providing daily energy, and muscle healing. As you can see, HGH is the essence of good health. 

Somtimes there is confusion between the terms HGH vs. rGH. They are both types of Somatotropin, but have key differences that are important to understand. HGH is the naturally produced "Human Growth Hormone" found in the body. To the contrary, rGH is a synthetic duplicate made in a lab. It has no proven differences than original HGH.


How does HGH work?

Human Growth Hormones are pulsing from our brains down through the rest of our body constantly. It travels through the liver to help with tissue growth. It also stimulates protein synthesis through out the system. This is how HGH commonly reduces recovery times and heals muscle damage. Not only does it influence inner organs and muscles - HGH also benefits our outer layer of skin. HGH increases collagen production, helping skin to be thicker and smoother. 

By middle age, we have lost about 50% of our HGH levels. Declining hormone levels attribute to common effects of aging: wrinkles, weight gain, weaker immune systems, etc. This is especially detrimental because once HGH begins to decline, sub-hormones like testosterone and estrogen decrease as well. 

Who needs HGH Supplements?

It is natural to be cautious of dietary supplements. It is important to understand if you are the type of person who would benefit from such a dietary supplement before starting. There are three general type of people who can benefit from HGH supplements.

First, age 30+ men and women wanting to delay aging (reduce wrinkles, improve sexual health, energy, etc) . Second, the elderly population who suffer from the effects of low HGH who want to regain stamina and health (improve immune system, rebuild hormone levels, etc). Third, sport performers and bodybuilders needing a workout boost (boost muscle mass, gain stamina, reduce recovery time, etc). Read more below specifically about the benefits for athletes. 

CautionHGH supplements are not intended for people already taking prescription steroid medication, adolescents, women who are/trying to become pregant, breastfeeding mothers, or people who have/had any sort of cancer. 

 HGH naturally increases muscle mass. The number of muscle cells in the body is determined mainly by genetics. However, the HGH hormone creates more muscle cells in the body so that gaining muscle mass becomes easier and faster for bodybuilders and athletes.

  HGH boosts metabolism and energy. Compare the energy levels and metabolism levels of an eight year old to a fourty-eight year old. The reason the fourty-eight year old has to be careful what they eat and often struggles to run like they used to is because they have lower levels of the Human Growth Hormone. To bring back that child-like vagility and lightning-speed metabolism, increase HGH levels!

  Lastly, HGH will decrease workout recovery timeHow often have you postponed your next workout because of sore, aching muscles that haven't fully recovered from yesterday's exercise? Imagine the fitness level you could be at if these breaks and recovery periods were obsolete. HGH has the power to repair ligaments and heal damaged muscle tissue. 


The number of HGH products on the market are endless. It's important to have a knowledge and understanding of quality HGH enhancing supplements to assure you are choosing a safe and effective product. Our number one recommendation is Growth Factor. Growth Factor is a highly effective, 100% safe, affordable HGH enhancer. Remember, an HGH enhancer supplement supplies you with nutrients to help your body develop higher HGH levels naturally, it does not directly supply you with artificial HGH.

Growth Factor's top ingredient is Chlorophytum borivilianum which comes from a leafy vegetable in the Indian peninsula region (also called Safed Musli). A recent study tested the Chlorophytum borivilianum's ability to improve HGH levels. Fifteen men in good physical shape received supplements containing Chlorophytum borivilianum on one day, followed by another dosage the following week. The hormone levels in their blood were studied at regular intervals after consuming the HGH supplements. The researchers saw that the men's HGH levels increased significantly within the hour of taking the supplement. For these men who exercised regularly, HGH supplements containing Chlorophytum borivilianum were highly effective. 


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